Sponsor Trees for Future Generations

Planting Gallery - Follow Trees Finca Alfaro Asdrual 2017

These diverse trees were planted in 2013 and are three years old. More than 1300 trees were planted in a landslide caused by Hurricane Cesar in the late 1996.We cross a river to arrive at the planting site and often we must wait for rains to cese or strategically choose what day we venture out to chop vegetation and vines and overhead regeneration. Growth was slow at first given the poor quality of the soil and much rocky material. Some trees did not survive early years ad were all replaced with younger trees. Carrying them across the river always walks us by a group of zota de caballo trees ripe with with leguminous bean we love to produce for riversides and animal food and erosion prevention. It is effective community education when the same people planting trees are also keeping their eyes open and collecting seeds to continue replanting.