Sponsor Trees for Future Generations

Planting Gallery - -planting Season 2016 Brothers Gamboa

Workers planted 400 diverse trees on the farms owned by three brothers Roger, edam and Oscar Gamboa. These trees primarily cover a series of water springs that were naked and exposed to the hot sun. Access was very difficult for the workers to transport the trees. We used three wheelers and horses to carry the trees over 2 miles to reach the areas in need of planting. The workers climbed steep slopes to cover the water springs and planted a biological corridors all around the area to protect it for future generations. We are cleaning these trees by chopping regenerating secondary vegetation very carefully as many rare shade species have been planted for posterity. No herbicides or pesticides are every used on our projects and this has been a huge change for these brothers who previously depended on chemicals to clear vegetation for their cows. Now the cattle has been removed entirely away from the water springs and life is buzzing about after just two years.